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Readers whetted their appetites during November with topics such as reviewing the menu boards of Mc Donald's, touchscreens trends and key ways digital signage can help customers stay a little bit longer in QSR restaurants.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for managers to communicate with guests.

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And while I don't doubt that voice integration will become much more prominent in the years ahead, as an industry we have some interesting challenges to address.I still remember our first message shared on Flinnt was “Happy Holidays” and we had a “1000 likes in the first hour.” Most of the comments read that they were proud to be associated with New Era as it always keeps pace with the new trends and this time being technology.I could not resist the implementation and easiest job was convincing my management as the annual cost was only Rs.Nature is always around us, in the form of flowers, plants, oceans, trees, and animals. Installing commercial solar panels for your business could see you make an annual saving of £1,500 or about ,000 on electricity bills in your first year of installation.This comes with an increase in savings year on year through a Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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