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Many of them are manufactured in the neighbouring countries and many do end up here. But I remember buying a fake lighter and it lasted for a few days only!

Maybe the fakes made long time ago were of better quality.

I remember buying a Zippos about 3 years ago in Ireland. I sent it to the shop where I bought it and he gave me another one.

I for one am curious to to how your fake Zippos will perform. Several years ago, I bought a design-knock off lighter patterned after the Old Boy. There are only two problems I have found and one credit where it has preformed better than a Zippo.

It is deep technical content based on the vast knowledge of the authors.

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The book contains several great pictures of Dunhill lighters from the Dunhill Museum.Museum catalogue of a German exhibition about the history of fire-making. It contains no historical information but an extended variety of nearly 100% of all Ronson lighters ever made.The book is about all fire-making methods with fantastic pictures of a breathtaking collection. A handy guide for the Ronson collector with most accurate information.It worked great for about a year, until one evening when using it, the thing simply came apart in my hand. The lighter consumes about 50% more fuel than the Zippo. Whether it was because it burned more fuel while lit, or it dispersed naturally I do not know, regardless over the years the cost of fuel will no doubt make this lighter a poor choice for an investment.Secondly, though it has not broken, the lid has become progressively easier to open.

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