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Co-authored with fellow Law of Attraction expert practitioner Frank Mangano, “You Can Attract It” is useful for anyone who feels a lack of fulfillment and satisfaction in everyday life—whatever the reason.

In addition to explaining the basic tenants of the Law of Attraction in a way that makes sense even to those previously unfamiliar with the concept, Jones and Mangano outline a lifestyle program that can be combined with any major life goal.

“The unconscious is the bus driver and if it has no map, it has no direction and that’s why you can’t figure things out,” she said at the event, which benefited the Eric Trump Foundation, which will donate all proceeds to the St. “My goal is to find everyone love.” Stanger said she is about to start shooting the next season of , which is “all changes.

Joe Vitale, the law of attraction expert who was featured in the 2006 movie series on July 8 and on her show) to create dating site

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An internationally recognized expert in hypnosis, Dr. Jones gained hypnosis certification in the 1980s, when he specialized in cognitive psychology and human learning at the University of Florida. Jones has used his extensive education and practical expertise to develop successful hypnotherapy treatment programs targeting a wide variety of common personal difficulties.

After completing his psychology degree, he continued on to graduate school to qualify as a counselor and attain both a Master’s degree and doctorate in education. Jones has worked with sale teams, individuals struggling with phobias, chronic illness or self-destructive habits. Jones has also continued to train hypnotherapy students and publish academic papers in highly respected journals. Jones’ Facebook allows clients and other interested parties to follow his latest news and the developments in his practice. For example, some of his treatments focus on habits like nail biting, overeating, negative expressions of anger, and smoking. Jones biography above, he remains commitment to furthering research on hypnotherapy and to further refining the techniques he uses.

“Forty eight hours later, David walked into my life.” To help others find love, she has partnered with Dr.

’ I told Jill, who said, ‘Something is running in your unconscious that is preventing you from finding love.’ ” She found the answer when she discovered positive, subliminal messages that helped her overcome subconscious, negative thoughts she carried that stopped her from finding the right guy for her, she said.

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