My boss is intimidating

If you change your steps, the other person will be forced to change her steps.So, think about how this all started and what you might have done differently (this may also help you in the future).Sometimes, she will even take my team from what I've instructed them to do so that they can do something else completely different from their job responsibilities.I go home stressed, in a bad mood, crying, and disappointed.I am expected to chase them down for information on what should already be a priority to them.I feel that it can get harassing, so I leave them alone.At the same time, remember that knowledge is power. It’s possible that this situation isn’t as personal you’re making it.

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And even after reading your letter several more times, I still think it’s time to move on. And when you do, remember that we find jobs most often through networking, not only by putting a resume on a website. A few times a week, have coffee with someone in that network, looking for leads, introductions, and opportunities.It all started, I believe, when I gave her feedback about a decision that had been made while I was on vacation.Not knowing that she was the one who had made that decision, I shared my opinion with her.Then, go to someone who could help (probably not HR) and say that, after eight years, you’d like a new challenge. It doesn’t reflect very well on the company that in eight years you’ve reported to six different people. Next, try to undertake a non-emotional, logical analysis of the situation.For example, check out the profitability of your division under the leadership of this woman versus the profitability under the others.

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