Stop dating when

I believe that a person can get a good feeling of whether or not he or she may possibly mind seeing someone's face every morning, from now until forever, within the first three months of seriously dating this person.

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But this isn't how a lifetime of dating works, obviously. The other problem is that once you reject a suitor, you often can’t go back to them later. It turns out there is a pretty striking solution to increase your odds. To have the highest chance of picking the very best suitor, you should date and reject the first 37 percent of your total group of lifetime suitors.

Committing to a partner is scary for all kinds of reasons.

But one is that you never really know how the object of your current affections would compare to all the other people you might meet in the future.

At the very least, you should be able to admit and accept when you know – or rather when the facts show – that it would never work in the long run.

Love in its earlier stages can only be described as ecstasy. There is no substitute for it and it isn't an experience one can easily forget. That's not to say that it's entirely irrational, because it can't be – nothing is.

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