Widows dating children

Suddenly the bereaved child can feel as if they are losing their father to a new family.

Of course, we are speculating here: without asking the parties involved, then we will only assume and never really know.

Then this from Marianne: I have been seeing a widower for 2 years now.

We have a very nice, comfortable, trusting relationship.

One of his two adult married children has fully accepted me, as have all his friends and other family members, which include the entire family of his late wife.

Or does it mean they are not ‘ready’ to accept the deceased parent’s passing?Babs wrote: I’m dating a man who has two children 17 and 23.As I agree with your comments…I question how long should one wait for the children to be ready to meet me?Without knowing the details, it does seem in Babs’ case, patience is paramount if there is to be any hope of a future relationship between Babs and her new partner’s children.It is still a relatively short time since the loss and these are young adults still trying to find their own place in a world that now has profoundly changed.

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