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The company's million-dollar insurance policy for breach protection is testimony to their security capability.An extensive number of features are included that quickly improve workflow and the ability of caregivers to assemble and distribute patient images and data easily.Whether you’d like to involve other professionals for a second opinion or provide the patient with full access to their information, you can build a care team as easily as sending an email.Since the Power Share Network consists of over 3500 healthcare organizations today and is growing daily, you can easily build contact lists, foster relationships and grow your referral network.There's no limit to the number of policies you can build so you can combine rules and follow up actions in any way that makes sense for your organization.But whatever you do, any email exceeding the applicable policy risk threshold is stored in our long term database and can be retrieved, viewed and forwarded at any time in the future.

As one of the largest exchange providers, Nautilus Medical is utilizing the broad technology within Google services to provide a comprehensive image management platform that is used by hundreds of imaging sites today.

We have customers that even create dedicated AD groups so they can monitor specific individuals such as new staff and previous offenders more closely.

You create policies that define which emails you want to check, the level of risk you’re prepared to accept and the action required when the risk is exceeded.

The relationship between Nautilus and Google will deliver more capabilities to more sites including underserved professionals in offices that could use this powerful platform, but do not have a budget for more expensive offerings.

Nautilus' pay-per-use model is very attractive to facilities and individuals looking to reduce cost while not sacrificing quality.

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