Ethan ruan chen qiao dating

At the mention of Ming Dao, Cecilia’s face brightened and nodded at Joe’s compliments on Ming Dao.

When Ming Dao was on hiatus to serve his mandatory military service in Taiwan, the Taiwanese media spotted Ming Dao exiting a hotel with a “sophisticated, black-haired” girl.

During a July 2012 episode of a mainland Chinese variety show, Taiwanese actress Joe Chen (陳喬恩) admitted that her two closest male friends in the industry were Ethan Juan (阮經天) and Ming Dao.

When the filming of An Angel’s Happiness was near completion, extra actors of the drama, who were also fans of the actors, claimed that they spotted Ming Dao and Cecilia talking quietly in an empty hallway.

Ming Dao and Cecilia were concerned about leaving each other and were discussing about what they should do afterwards.

*sigh* The lyrics were penned by the drama’s producers, Huan Yue and Huang Bin (who is also Xiaoming’s manager).

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