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The intepreter keeps track of the chunks of memory to which the pointers are pointing and takes care of undefining variables.

Note that when you create a variable, the low-level business of allocating memory to store the information is handled automatically by Perl.

You will hear a lot about namespaces, symbol tables and lexical scoping in Perl discussions, but little of it will make any sense without a few key facts: There are two important types of symbols: package global and lexical.

We will talk about lexical symbols later; for now, we will talk only about package global symbols, which we will refer to as .

So you see now that there are two indirections for a global variable: the symbol (the thing's name) points to its typeglob, and the entry in the typeglob for the thing's type (scalar, array, etc.) points to the data.

If we had a scalar and an array with the same name, then their name would point to the same typeglob, but for each type of data the typeglob points to somewhere different.

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