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Note: These fees can not be deducted from this won sum, because your fund have been placed on a fixed deposit account under the Bank Bond Coverage. HEINEKEN INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION #55 SCHOOL GATE PLACE, STAMFORD BRIDGE, SW1V3DW UNITED KINGDOM. ( CONTACT OUR PROMOTION MANAGER ) Overseas Claims/United Kingdom Payment Unit ================================ Name : Mr. You are a certified winner of £250,000.00GBP(Two Hundered And Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterlings). 485,000.00 [FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIVE THOUSAND, GREAT BRITISH POUNDS] is in a fixed amount deposit and there is now ay to deduct this required fee form your prize until this fund is been redeem into your bank account there in your country.

Also a scanned Copy of the Western Union Payment Slip to this Bank. Also be advised to complete the form and send it immediately to our Promotion manager through email or fax for prompt collection of your fund. Registered Office: 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP Registered No: 1026167 09th January 2010 Attention: Dear Valuable Customer, This bank received your message and we wish to inform you that your winning prize sum of ? details about me: * Full Name : Terminator * Full Contact Address: homeless * Occupation: swindler detection and castration * Age & Sex: immortal, have no sexual character * Mobile Number: 911 You are very advised to find another way of enrichment.

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