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Die weltweit bedeutendste Messe der Kunststoff- und Kautschukindustrie in Düsseldorf ist Magnet für internationale Fachleute der Branche, denn hier wird das gesamte Angebotsspektrum präsentiert: vom neuesten Stand der Technik über wegweisende Innovationen bis hin zu visionären Entwicklungen.

Die hohe Dichte an Entscheidungsträgern, der qualifizierte Austausch zwischen Forschung und Industrie, das attraktive Rahmenprogramm mit Vorträgen und Special Shows, die Internationalität - all das machte die K 2016 zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis!

This disunity was taken advantage of by the neighbouring Balinese who took control of western Lombok in the early seventeenth century.

The Makassarese meanwhile invaded eastern Lombok from their colonies in neighbouring Sumbawa.

Other than the Babad Lombok document which records the 1257 Samalas eruption, little is known about the Lombok before the seventeenth century.

Before this time it was made up of numerous competing and feuding petty states each of which were presided over by a Sasak 'prince'.

It was taken, together with 230 kg (507 lb) of gold, 7,000 kg (15,432 lb) of silver and three chests of jewels and precious stones from the royal palace of Lombok after a Dutch invasion in 1894.

Only part of the treasure was handed back to Indonesia in 1977.

The province is administered from the provincial capital of Mataram in West Lombok.

It is somewhat similar in size and density with neighboring Bali and shares some cultural heritage, but is administratively part of Nusa Tenggara Barat along with sparsely populated Sumbawa.

It is surrounded by a number of smaller islands locally called Gili.

In 1838, the Mataram kingdom brought its rivals under control.

Relations between the Sasak and Balinese in western Lombok were largely harmonious and intermarriage was common.

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