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Plus we hadn't had any payments since the middle of 2009 as we were told we had been overpaid (I am sure this figure was 5000 odd back then so not sure why all of a sudden it is nearly 7000) and the money we were being awarded was going back to pay this overpayment.

I know we did get tax and working credits at one point when we moved areas and my husband was job hunting etc., However I have letters showing that I had advised them of changes and I am sure I have spoken to someone on the phone as well.

When you get the breakdowns, take them to CAB to make sure you understand them and to discuss your options.

Its very likely the demand for repayment is because you havent said you want to stay registered with tax credits so you claim was closed triggering the repayment demand. I also have had some good advice from a colleague this morning.

As far as I know they havent caught up with him yet, and I have no idea where he is so I cant help them.

Instead of the hassle I just arranged a payment plan to pay them back, just over 30 every fortnight. Phone for a CAB appointment in a week or two's time.

We couldn't believe it when they were telling us we were overpaid in tax credits and the total is nearly 7000.

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Any advice from someone who has also had letters like this would be appreciated. ) Mine werent as much as yours, i think it was just under 4000.

Our were 970 and they wanted payment over 12 months but I rang and told them I needed longer and they let us pay it back over 3 years at 25 per month which is manageable.

You could ask for longer to apy it back or appeal if you believe you don't owe it back . Tax credit system is a nightmare, you see so many threads on this forum and most of them are to do with tax credits.

It is just possible that, once you are re-registered, you will be allowed more time or not need to repay yet. I do remember when we had letters a few years ago saying we had been overpaid and I am sure the amount was in the region of 5000 so not sure how they get nearly 7000 as we have had no money since beginning of 2009.

It is helpful and I will get on the case straightaway.

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