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The initial concept however quickly changed from a "hit and run" sex and violence short story to this epic of self-discovery on the part of the protagonist.This work still incorporates sex and violence in rather plentiful amounts, but now is dominated by coincidence, the nexus, and brief encounters with the supranatural.While in college, I began carrying around a notebook in which I entered the type, time and situation that involved the coincidence. Jill had gotten a part time job a couple of months after we settled down in a fairly decent apartment about a half hour's drive to my job.The half hour would become more like an hour once the cold, dead hand of winter took hold of the city.Typically she worked split shift, alternating between morning and afternoon.

The rest of the day my head was in a whirl; what was going on?The keys were on the bedroom chest of drawers, just where I'd left them.I couldn't help noticing the bedsheets looked as if a small army had bivouacked there last night.The opportunity to take a leak was overwhelming and so into the bathroom I went, and happened to glance into the waste basket by the toilet at what proved to be a condom sitting on top of all the other trash that would normally be found in such a place.Worse yet, upon closer examination I ascertained that it contained a goodly amount of the white stuff, not yet dried out.

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