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Roman Numerals for example did not originally have 0.

Multiplication and division might have possibly be done in form of addition and subtraction and if you look closely,you will not feel the importance of zero in them.

The 9 numbers were already mentioned in RV like eka, dwi, tri, chatur,......., nava.

The names for 10, 20,..., 90 occurs in RV 2.18.5-6.

Similar list can be found in Taittiriya Samhita 4.4.11, Maitr Ayani Samhita 2.8.12, Kathaka Samhita 17.10 etc.

The AV 8.3.21 for example mentions the following number: Here shatam= 100, ayutam=10,000, dwai=2, trini=3, chatvari=4. Also, the Chamaka mantras found in the Yajur Veda also describe certain numbers as follows: navadasha cha me ekavimsatih cha me ( 9 and 11) trayodasha cha me panchadasha cha me saptadasha cha me ( 13, 15 and 17) ekatrimshat cha me trayatrimshat cha me (31 and 33) ........

Needless to say even today we compute time for the marriages per ancient practices.

While he did not use a symbol for zero, the French mathematician Georges Ifrah argues that knowledge of zero was implicit in Aryabhata's place-value system as a placeholder for the powers of ten with null coefficients.

However, Aryabhata did not use the Brahmi numerals.

Continuing the Sanskritic tradition from Vedic times, he used letters of the alphabet to denote numbers, expressing quantities, such as the table of sines in a mnemonic form. Aryabhata just put in place a system on a sound scientific basis.

Use of zero is sometimes mistakenly ascribed to Pingala due to his discussion of binary numbers, usually represented using 0 and 1 in modern discussion, while Pingala used light (laghu) and heavy (guru) syllables.

As Pingala's system ranks binary patterns starting at one (four short syllables—binary "0000"—is the first pattern), the nth pattern corresponds to the binary representation of n-1 (with increasing positional values). the 7th century (Brahmagupta) and would have been known to Halāyudha but not to Pingala.

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