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“We had an intern breakroom and whenever we were there together, we spent most of our time sharing pictures of sexy men and lovely cats,” recalls Gatuingt.

“One day, we were just sitting and chatting over lunch and we hit upon the idea of combining photographs of men and cats striking similar poses and posting them on the Internet.

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Other times, it’s a photograph of a handsome man that inspires the matchup.“We get sent a lot of photographs from sexy men asking us to find a feline matchup.However, we also get at least three or four messages a day on Facebook from women who want to send us photographs of their boyfriends or husbands asking us to pair them up with felines to surprise their men. And from time to time we will post them.” Naturally both Gatuingt and Chaygneaud have their personal favorites.magazine enthused, calling their Tumblr brainwave a “salivating emergency.” And when the editors touched and felt the book version, they added, “We already loved cats. This book is the perfect addition (to the bookshelf) to make us melt.” According to Gatuingt and Chaygneaud, the twosome surf the Web, searching through photos that are in the public domain and free of copyright issues.“We have had a lot of success on Pinterest,” confirms Gatuingt. ” , and Chaygneaud is the art director at a beauty-centric advertising agency — they still connect on weekdays to post men and cat combos to their Tumblr page.

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