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His problem is a bruised knee, caused by a bang against his home firewood cord. The former land surveyor, electrical engineer, and Alabamian anti-logging activist (in that order), is the world’s foremost expert on ancient Cherokee trails.

Standing in front of the thick trunk, seeking another way across, he explains that while this particular log was not laid by ancient Cherokees, it does resemble the way they would fell logs to get across creeks like this. At 68 he’s stocky, with a soft, even face, like a meatier Billy Bob Thornton, and long eyelashes. In this forest, on a warm late-winter day, he wears spectacles and a hearing aid, but also a camo jacket and pants, a waist-pack stuffed with surveying gear and a pistol.

Some left willingly, but the Cherokee Nation – a collection of affiliated communities extending from Kentucky to Alabama – resisted.

Conflict had existed for over a century between the Americans and the Cherokees and by now the federal government had grown strong enough to simply take them away.

Like other native peoples, the Cherokees have long struggled to define their own historical identity and nothing is more crucial to that than landscapes. ” Riggs, too, believes that compiling all of this data into a single source will prove empowering for the tribe, especially its young people.

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I was always the Indians, I know that.” Marshall’s project, a largely independent venture, has taken up nearly a decade of his life. He has braved wasps, mosquitoes, ticks, chest-high nettles, rainstorms, hypothermia.

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It lays across a small creek somewhere in the Nantahala National Forest outside Cowee, western North Carolina, as a bridge.

“We took over this place.” * * * n May 28, 1830 the United States congress passed the Indian Removal Act.

It granted permission to relocate Native Americans living in the east to the unsettled land west of the Mississippi.

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