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Through that they talked about the feminist thought and what makes a feminist.” In another scene, Roop’s (Amrit Kaur) boyfriend proposes to her and tells her to quit her job because he wants to take care of her.

That gave Rakhi the perfect segue into discussing the independent woman (cough, cough, it’s Rakhi) who wants to make it on her own.

Search photos by Pathathai Chungyam Dailymotion I decided to look at Asian Beauties because for some reason our industry likes Asian girls So I looked at the backend to see how fully whitelabel this .

You’ll likely end up binge watching the entire two seasons.

” This line of introspection led Rakhi to learn the nuances of photography.

Shout out to her friend Natasha Daniel, who schooled her in the basics.

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Best Website for Dating Asian Girls Bay of Deals Masculine Expat How to date Asian women means making an effort in how you look A nice ironed shirt something stylish and a nice watch will catch her eye .

The slow unraveling of her life and identity post-breakup, is the premise of the show.

So far, has become an Internet hit in over half-a-dozen countries around the world with some 20,000 You Tube subscribers and 650,000 views.

The show will also stir a longing for your squad (if you’re caught in motherhood/career and your teenage years are a hazy blur).

The web-series created by the immensely talented Rakhi Mutta and edited by an equally competent Kiran Rai (lead actor/Anarkali) presents a vignette of a young desi woman’s life in North America.

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