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Getting media into Video Studio is simple, but, once it's there, the app offers no tagging or search capability like you get with Adobe Premiere Elements.

This can make finding a clip troublesome at times, as can the interface's lack of a search box for clips or effects.

The other three modes—Capture, Edit, and Share—are where you do the real video work.

This handy interface guides you through the workflow process of adding, editing, and outputting your digital movie.

The latest version of Corel's Video Studio does so admirably, and it's one of the few consumer video editing programs that can already handle 360-degree VR footage.To get the Video Studio software online, you first download a downloader app, which installs the not-small 1.3GB application.For comparison, Power Director weighs in at just under 1GB, while Premiere Elements takes up a considerable 3.5GB of disk space.This is equivalent to the e Live tab in Premiere Elements.It's here that you find inspiration and instruction in the form of tutorials, videos, and templates.

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